“My daughter was able to read, but she missed some of the fundamentals that she needed to properly sound out longer words. Dr. Bell was able to “catch her up” on the information that she had missed over the last several years. Not only did my daughter’s reading fluency increase, but her confidence improved as well and now she enjoys reading (which is a joy to hear as a parent). She did not want to go to sleep last night because she wanted to read! Thank you soooo much!”
Does your student need a boost in their reading skills?  Do they have difficulty reading long words?  Do they guess a word after the first syllable?

Summer is a great time to improve their skills!  LifeManagement Center is offering the Reading REWARDS program which is designed for students who have not reached the reading proficiency that they need for academic success.  Students are taught strategies for reading long words to increase speed and accuracy.  It is designed for students from 4th through 12th grade who especially have difficulty with reading and spelling multi-syllabic words.

Not sure if this program would be helpful for your child?  Schedule an appointment with LifeManagement for a reading screening to assess their skills.  Call 852-5705 to make an appointment today!