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Tips for a Better Morning Routine from

“Our Morning Routine Isn’t Working”— 6 Ways to Fix It Now by Megan Devine, LCPC Maybe you started out the school year on the right foot. All those late summer discussions about your kids getting organized, laying their clothes out the night before, getting out of bed on time, fixing their own breakfast, getting through the morning without arguments—you really thought …

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College Coaching

Do you have a high school junior in your family?  Have you begun thinking about the college planning process you and your high school junior should be starting this spring?  Are you wondering how you will have the time to guide your student to effectively research schools, request letters of recommendation, locate information about college visits, assess which schools offer …

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The Writing Process

By Tricia Yandle, MEd   How does your child approach a writing assignment?  What we see very often is that students given an assignment to write a 5-paragraph persuasive essay or a 2-page plot summary or a 10-page research paper begin the same way–  by putting pen to paper and recording thoughts as they come to the students.   At …

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