College Coaching

Do you have a high school junior in your family?  Have you begun thinking about the college planning process you and your high school junior should be starting this spring?  Are you wondering how you will have the time to guide your student to effectively research schools, request letters of recommendation, locate information about college visits, assess which schools offer the major your student wants to study, determine your student’s interests, write and rewrite those personal essays, and so much more?  It could be a full-time job!


LifeManagement is excited to be launching a new service to assist you and your student – College Coaching!  Beginning in March of a student’s junior year and continuing to the time of his or her high school graduation, LMC will assign a College Coach who will follow a detailed timeline to guide individual students through the following phases:  Review, Assess, Evaluate, Condense, Apply, and Follow Up.  Listed below are just a few of the specific steps the College Coach and students will accomplish together.


  • Create a student academic profile based on SAT/ACT scores, GPA, class rank, etc.

  • Assess community involvement to date and establish additional opportunities if appropriate

  • Determine SAT/ACT test dates, ensure registration, and arrange for test prep if necessary

  • Establish initial college interest list based on preferences regarding: location, size, learning environment, student activities, majors offered, cost, and campus setting

  • Keep track of application due dates

  • Determine whom to ask for letters of recommendation

  • Read, revise, edit required essays

  • Identify dates for specific college visits to Charleston

  • Create comparison spreadsheet for top 5 schools

  • So much more!


Are you interested?  Want to know more?  Ready to place your child on the list for his/her individual College Coach?  Contact Tricia Yandle, Director of Client Services, at 852-5705.  Please share this information with your friends or family who have high school juniors and may be interested in this service.