Academic Coaching

An Academic Coach is an assistant who helps a student identify goals and stay on track for achieving those goals. The coach helps examine learning styles, study habits, and current difficulties in relation to organization, goal setting, prioritizing, follow through, limit-setting, and motivation.

A coach may engage students in activities such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Monitoring grades weekly. Determine if grades are important to the student and increase awareness of their overall grades.
  • Teaching calendar use and how to make a “list of things to do.” Are they always writing down all assignments and tests? Are they turning in assignments?
  • Looking at daily/weekly schedules to help plan ahead for papers, homework time, and tests.
  • Reviewing past tests and quizzes to determine common mistakes or difficult areas.
  • Examining and strengthening study skills, such as reading for comprehension, developing a successful writing process, taking and reviewing notes, preparing for tests with every class and each reading assignment, and managing the test taking process.
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