Community Outreach

LifeManagement Center has an abundance of learning resources to share with the communities we serve. Because of our non-profit status and interest in fostering early diagnosis and intervention for attention and learning problems, it is our mission to educate teachers and parents and offer them access to our Center.


Partnerships with schools mean brighter futures for students:
Until fourth grade, children learn to read. From fourth grade on, they have to read to learn. LifeManagement Center partnered with Cottageville Elementary this summer to help thirty students who struggled with basic reading skills. The Ready…Set…Read program included six weeks of Wilson linguistics for students and two parent training sessions to teach parents how to incorporate and value reading with their children in their homes. The school provided bus transportation, snacks for the participants, computer lab and a technology assistant.

Reading Rewards

REWARDS for middle school students:
The REWARDS program is designed to teach reading to struggling students. It helps students who cannot read multisyllabic words. Therefore, they are unable to read a textbook. Without intervention, these students are at high risk to drop out before finishing high school. LMC is currently providing REWARDS free of charge to students at Ft. Johnson Middle School, Cario Middle School, and Charlestowne Academy. This program is successful and we want to offer it at other public schools.

Over 5,000 interested people have been helped by LMC through:

  • Annual Southeastern Educational Conference
  • Parent & Teacher Workshops
  • Lending Library – Our library is full of resources to help understand difficulties associated with learning and parenting as well as text books from the surrounding schools.
  • Newsletters