Conference 2014

LifeManagement’s 2014 Bringing Schools Together Conference featuring Daniel Willingham, Ph.D. was a huge success!  The event brought together parents and faculty from several schools and was held on the Porter-Gaud Campus.  Dr. Willingham focused his presentations on helping parents and teachers learn how they could help support their childrens’ academic progress.  

The Parent Night event discussion highlight was “Parenting for Academic Success” and featured many tips for parents to help promote home study habits and academic growth.  Much of the presentation focused on the influence of technology and the impact it has on learning. Some of the highlights:


  • Most teens (69%) get inadequate sleep. At least part of the change during teens years is a change in cortisol production, hence, weaker internal cues that it’s time to sleep.
  • Thus, teens go to bed later and later, but still must wake for school. (They catch up some on weekends.)
  • Consequences: reduced ability to think, more irritable, more hyperactive/less attentive


  • High volume, low enrichment
  • Kids 9-11 years average over 6 hours/day with electronic media. By their late teens, it’s 11 hours/day.
  • Most of this time (around 75%) goes to social media, gaming, videos, and messaging friends.


Dr. Willingham offered parents tips for helping encourage routines and analyzing the use of technology.  Find out more HERE.


On Wednesday, October 1, Dr. Willingham presented two topics to the faculty members from sponsoring schools:
Critical Thinking which focused on HOW children learn and retain information and the best way to support that learning. His second presentation focused on Technology and how it impacts learning.  The presentation examined questions including: Do kids today have shorter attention spans? Do students today have to multitask?


For an overview of Dr. Willingham’s presentations at the 2014 Bringing Schools Together Conference, please follow the links below: 

Download Parenting Handout

Download Technology Handout

Download Critical Thinking Handout


Daniel Willingham

Dr. Daniel Willingham

Participating PAIS Schools:

Charleston Collegiate School
Charleston Day School
The Cooper School
Mason Preparatory School
Porter-Gaud School
Trident Academy



Daniel Willingham earned his B.A. from Duke University in 1983 and his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Harvard University in 1990. He is currently Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, where he has taught since 1992. Until about 2000, his research focused solely on the brain basis of learning and memory. Today, all of his research concerns the application of cognitive psychology to K-16 education. He writes the “Ask the Cognitive Scientist” column for American Educator magazine, and is the author of Why Don’t Students Like School?, When Can You Trust the Experts?,  and Raising Kids Who Read(forthcoming). His writing on education has appeared in thirteen languages.



“I gained so much from the wonderful conference you presented. It is exciting to see local teachers and educators presenting sessions.  The conference was so well thought out!” -Conference Attendee