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When to Act?

Not sure if you or your child need help? Remember FOCUS and…
Here are some other warning signs:

Signs to watch for:

Learning Difficulties
Attention Difficulties
Organizational Problems
Social Difficulties
Behavioral Problems

Learning Difficulties: top

Trouble learning numbers and/or letters
Slow to learn connections between letters and sounds
Trouble remembering sequences and telling time
Consistent reading and spelling errors-word reversals (was/saw), letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w), transpositions (left/felt) and substitutions (there/then).
Difficulty summarizing, generalizing, and grasping abstract concepts
Spells incorrectly; frequently spells the same word differently in a single piece of writing
Difficulty with word problems in math
Poor recall of facts
Difficulty understanding math concepts
Difficulty summarizing, generalizing, and grasping abstract concepts
Dislikes and avoids writing, reading, and copying
Expresses written ideas in a disorganized way
Trouble taking tests
Appears unmotivated
Attention Difficulties: top

Doesn’t pay close attention to details
Doesn’t seem to listen when spoke to directly
Is easily distracted
Has difficulty organizing and finishing tasks
Fidgets with hands and/or feet
Has difficulty remaining seated
Runs about or climbs excessively when inappropriate
Talks excessively
Interrupts the conversations of others
Has difficulty waiting his/her turn during games
Avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort (e.g., homework, games)
Does things that are dangerous without thinking about possible outcomes – impulsive
Organizational Problems: top

Difficulty following directions or routines
Loses things
Difficulty organizing thoughts, tasks, and activities
Difficulty setting priorities
Poor time management
Trouble completing assignments
Difficulty carrying out a plan
Trouble making decisions
Social Difficulties: top

Problems interacting with peers
Difficulty making and keeping friends
Problems understanding body language, facial expressions, and personal space
Difficulty adjusting to new settings and making transitions
Difficulty with self control when frustrated
Trouble working cooperatively
Overly shy
Behavioral Problems: top

Frustrates easily
Overly anxious
Extremely shy or withdrawn
Cries easily
Blames others for his/her mistakes
Disrespects authority
Appears depressed
Inflexible adherence to routines
Deliberately annoys others