Unlike most tutoring centers, all of our programs are personalized. Tutors have a minimum 4-year college degree and are selected so their area of expertise matches the needs of the student. Our tutors incorporate learning, organization, time management, and study strategies into sessions to provide students with a solid foundation for success. We maintain open communication with teachers and parents in an effort to better serve our students.

LMC offers one on one-personalized tutoring:

  • for all grades
  • for all ages
  • for all subjects

Wilson Reading System

LifeManagement Center has helped many students who were unable to master reading through traditional instruction. The Wilson Reading System directly and systematically teaches students how to decode and spell fluently and accurately. Instruction is interactive and multisensory, with a fast tempo that keeps students engaged. The program teaches not only phonics but also total word construction and spelling. Students progress through its steps at a personalized pace. Data analysis by top reading researchers confirms the Wilson program provides the essential components and instruction to get results.


LifeManagement Center offers a new reading program called REWARDS for students who have not reached the reading proficiency they need for academic success. Students are taught to use a flexible strategy for multi-syllabic words to increase speed and accuracy. The program is designed to hone those skills that are essential for reading textbooks. Two levels of reading instruction are offered: the first, for students in grades 4-6 (25 lessons); the second, for those in grades 6-12 (20 lessons). This researched-based program has proven to be successful nationally and in our own experience.

SAT/ACT Tutoring

LifeManagement Center offers one-on-one SAT and ACT prep tutoring year-round. Our students’ individual needs are determined by the administration and analysis of an SAT or ACT practice test taken by the student at LMC.  Based on those results, a specific preparation plan will be created by our Director of Client Services. Develop the skills and confidence to score higher on test day!

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